Dynamic Duo

Besides his extensive solo work, Doc Butler has also performed as half of an immensely popular duo. He met guitaist J.C. Cob in musical circles several years ago. A friendship developed that resulted in the creation of a longtime act, a three-year collaboration which featured a trip down the memory lane of America’s favorite and most beloved acoustic music. "We love the songs that we play," said Doc, "they are an important part of our culture and we feel honored that people seem to truly enjoy the way we deliver them, added to the nostalgia that they feel while listening to us play."

In an age where many of today’s acts feature sounds that are largely synthesized and artificial, Doc (singly and with J.C.) has striven to keep his act as pure and as real as possible. "Other than simple amplification, I have resisted the urge to incorporate superficial devices to enhance my live presentation. I feel that the honesty of this sound is what works best for me, as well as preserving the integrity of what I'm doing."

Doc performs regularly in the New York/Long Island area. Check the appearance itinerary in he Schedule section of this site for dates and venue locations of upcoming shows.

Also, please refer to the Media section for a 4 minute performance demo of Doc in concert.

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